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Being on the open internet the Classic Fly Rod Forum is like a home, say your Grandmother’s place… a private home… not what you'd call a democracy. When you go into Grandma’s place, you go in knowing full well that there are “house rules” set by the owner of that place, but possibly policed by a few “others”.

When you’re in Grandma’s place you don’t discuss certain subjects which are “off bounds” in many households (politics and religion being commonly forbidden topics), and you certainly don’t utter “off color” words and innuendos around the lady and any other ladies, children, etc. that may be in the audience that you don’t know about. I believe it’s called… “Common Courtesy”?

Other than that things are pretty “open”. The general idea is for everyone to be stimulated and have a good time. Exchange of ideas, education, and points of clarity... they all come to mind. Folks generally have a good and relaxing time at Grandma's because they don't have to be concerned that someone is going to “get out of line” even during spirited discussions or downright debates.

And if you should be gauche enough as to error, you may be asked to leave for a period of time depending on just how bad you “stepped” in it. That’s generally the way civilized households have been run for some centuries.

That's the way we try to run the Forum... more or less like Grandma's house.

Those rules are well established and have been for years. If, or when, you have a problem with rules, you go directly to the person (or persons) that set the rule or rules and discuss things and try to work things out, or at least understand why they are there.

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