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Rod info please



I thought I'd posted this question earlier but don't see it. Looks like I forgot to put the topic down in the topic box. Can anyone give me any info on the H & I "Pocono" fly rod? It is a 2 piece 7 foot rod. The H & I decal is powder blue with a yellow or gold stripe horizontal through the middle of the decal with a red H & I in the very center of the decal. The word Pocono is written in white ink on the right side of the decal going towards the grip. I tried taking pics, but the decal and Pocono is very faint on the rod, and you couldn't see anything. It has 6 chrome snake guides on it so it might be a rewrap. Instead of a stripping guide, it has just a large snake guide, another reason I think it could be a rewrap, and the wraps are purple tipped in white. The reel seat is black plastic and down locking. The threads to tighten the reel to the seat are ACME threads, flat topped threads instead of the normal 60 degree angled threads. The ferrule looks to be chrome plated brass. I have no idea what line weight it might be, but the bamboo at the tip top is fairly thick so I'm guessing at least a five weight, maybe a six. The rod seems to have a pretty fast action though I haven't put a line on it and tried it yet.

I normally get old rods and restore/refurbish them for later sale but this one looks in such good shape I might keep it for my own collection. I'm not worried about value. I guess it is worth only what I paid for it, but if someone has a value, that would be helpful too!

Thanx in advance for any information you might have to give me!

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