Fly Fishing Glasses

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Fly Fishing Glasses


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Whats the Best Fly fishing Glasses out there at a affordable Price

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Re: Fly Fishing Glasses


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dqatar wrote:
02/11/21 19:01
Whats the Best Fly fishing Glasses out there at a affordable Price
If you mean polarized sunglasses, any comfortable pair with decent lenses should be fine. Cross the lenses of two pairs to make sure they are correctly polarized and you should be fine. Yellow and light amber are good for low light conditions, gray green is pretty good as well but color is more natural and also better for very bright days, sort of an all around color, and dark gray or black is good for the brightest days but horrible for evenings. I got prescription gray greens because they were 50% off if you got a regular pair, but they’re normally very (really, think $350) expensive especially with the frames I got. However, the frames I chose have the added benefit of being made from flexible nickel-titanium, or Nitinol, which is fine when sat or stepped on. I really just got them because of the sale.

Anyway, everyone has different head shapes so find a pair that fits well! Go to a fly shop (bike shops should carry a good selection as well) and try some on. If they’ll let you. Offer to sanitize the glasses you try on yourself so they don’t have to and they may be more amenable.
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Re: Fly Fishing Glasses


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Re: Fly Fishing Glasses


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Never had Costas, have been through two sets of Maui Jims, Best bet -- at any price == has been my Smith Action Optics Lochsa model with the bifocal magnifier. They are entering their fourth season of 100% satisfaction having seen me through two cataract surgeries.

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