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Mister Bill
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WTB ads


Post by Mister Bill »

If I were to post an ad WTB to buy a rod, am I setting myself up to pay too much to someone who wants to get rid of a rod and make a little extra at the same time?

Would I get a better deal if I wait until someone decides to list what I am looking for or go to Ebay?


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Re: WTB ads


Post by uniphasian »

If you already sure of a fair price, just mention that in your WTB note.

IMO, waiting for the perfect bargain puts you in the same boat as a seller who is waiting for a buyer willing to pay too much - you're waiting instead of fishing.

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Re: WTB ads


Post by SpringCreek »

You will likely pay a premium for a rod that you post as a WTB unless you get lucky. Having said that, the time you spend waiting for the item to become available elsewhere will likely put a damper on your purchase. If I am looking for something that I clearly want, I'll pay the additional money just to be able to acquire it. I learned the lesson the hard way on a reel that I was looking for that was offered to me. It did cost more than what I could buy it for from the maker, although there would be a long wait. I decided to wait it out and the maker stopped making reels and to this day I have never run across another of his reels.
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Re: WTB ads


Post by roycestearns »

Yes, put out a WTB you're not obligated to buy anything, but it lets potential sellers know that you're interested. Don't list what you're willing to pay, see what's out there and negotiate from there. You would be surprised at what will pop up.

I've made a few WTB posts, contacted several WTB posters and only completed a couple of sales. The idea that all sellers are corrupt, out to make a buck, is a sad way to have fun at this hobby. On the flip side buyers expecting to steal/markdown items is not any fun either.

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Re: WTB ads


Post by bassman »

Much like the old days of ebay when bidding was really fun and sniping became a last second game for the person with the fastest internet and computer (never me) I would set a maximum price I would pay and not exceed it. Now I just post my maximum bid and if it gets overbid I quit. Same with a WTB. If I get a response with a price I feel is out of line I'd state my max I'm willing to pay and be fair. If no deal is reached nothing is lost. I've run a WTB on a particular Cascapedia a couple of times and know I'm willing to overpay SOME to get one. Really made me mad when the exact reel was listed for sale in between my WTBs and sold before I saw it for less than I was willing to spend. Shot the seller a note that if deal fell through I'd just on it but no luck.

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