Fenwick #FL 108-8-F 9' 8wt. c. 1976-77

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Fenwick #FL 108-8-F 9' 8wt. c. 1976-77


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Not sure if I can get help regarding a fiberglass rod. I have a mint never used Fenwick #FL 108-8-F (9' 8wt) yellow fly rod from the collection of Dick Gaumer who worked for Fenwick...he was known by his fellow workers as Mr. Fenwick.
Does anyone have an idea of what this rod may be worth as I plan to put it up on ebay. Thank you

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Re: Fenwick #FL 108-8-F 9' 8wt. c. 1976-77


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Go to this site and you'll get all the help you need.


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