South Bend 27 wct 9 3 piece, two tips

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South Bend 27 wct 9 3 piece, two tips


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Dragged out the heirlooms again, think about taking the 5 wt to Colorado this week. Not sure I ever found out much about this South Bend one when I posted a few years back. It has lots of colorful bands and was personalized (originally or by my grandfather?) with my grandfather’s name and 1946. The one ferel on the butt section appears to be lined with clear, amber hard plastic(?). In addition to the South Bend Quality Tackle sticker, it has another on the opposite side that says Double Built. If anyone could tell me more about this rod, as model 27 isn’t listed, I would appreciate it. Gordon.

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Re: South Bend 27 wct 9 3 piece, two tips


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In our South Bend Catalogs thread, under the "Makers & Manufacturers" sub-forum, you'll see that the #27 sold through most of the 1930's. It was a Single Built model until 1938, when it would be changed to a Double Built rod. The link to that SB thread can be seen below:


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