Montage Bamboo Rod

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Montage Bamboo Rod


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I recently purchased a Montague bamboo rod while shopping in a thrift store. I have searched this forum over and over again in order to identify it. Unfortunately even the most complete lists here do not have the length of mine. I have a two piece that is only 74 inches long. Any one know of this length? The shortest I have seen on this forum is seven foot one, mine is six one. Any advise would be great. Thanks.

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Re: Montage Bamboo Rod


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If there is no model name marked on it anywhere, clear photos would help in establishing what it is. Without photos, it sounds as if you purchased a bait cast rod, a saltwater rod, or a fiberglass rod. Though Montague started building rods in the mid-1880's, bamboo rods marked with the Montague name weren't sold until around 1927. Between then and the late Fifties their product line changed, expanding and contracting a couple of times. The reference list here is representative of the lineup at its peak, around 1939, but it doesn't have all the rods they made in that 30-year period and the 'value guide' also doesn't include all the various lengths. Post some photos for us.

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