A rod with no name - Bamboo over 70 years old

Discuss various makers rods here, i.e. if the maker is not listed under its own forum please feel free to discuss them here vintage or current. I would like to keep the makers listed by an individual read-only forum so it will be easier for those interested in those makers to find specific information about the rods and the makers. If anyone has any original catalogs they could scan and pass along to me I would be pleased to use them to give a history of the maker and their models in a forum, thanks.

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A rod with no name - Bamboo over 70 years old


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Looking for general guidance as to maybe what photos to possibly post or things to look for:

Bamboo rod set 8' 1 1/2" seem likes nice components.

Have looked at a bamboo rod set with magnifier and some with a jewelers loop. No markings. Original (I believe and small family) to my dads dad. Has been in known possession since about the 60's, very complete. One connector is intact but glue failed between it and the bamboo (needs retied/coating there - not bad though) I remember this in the same condition since young.

It may have been that my Grandfather had it made for him or bought it from a local contact that made them back in the first half of the 20th century. He had business, personal and other contacts that could have been a contact for this. As an example, I grew up playing pool with my dad using his custom cue and there are some other things made locally he had.

Classic tale of been in possession, family history, seek general information to pass down.

Very nice site, been doing some searching, possibly missed something. I do have another rod set and a number of reels, lures (fly and cast) that are classic, many used very little. Classic tale of keep em like that, use em, or pass em on to someone that will use em.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: A rod with no name - Bamboo over 70 years old


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Take a full-length photo of the rod with all sections side by side. Take photos of the ferrules (connectors), line guides, reel seat and winding check.

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