Sugestion for a new camera

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Sugestion for a new camera


Post by tonkin67 »

It's been ages since I had a good camera , we were still using film. I'm looking into a new mirrorless with lens changing capabilities for all around use to start . Cannon and Nikon have caught my eye but I have to admit the choices are mind boggling. I also don't want to break the bank.
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Re: Sugestion for a new camera


Post by crowebeetle »

Sony mirrorless are pretty impressive

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Re: Sugestion for a new camera


Post by J1973s »

Any used Nikon/Canon/Sony or ? will take good pictures. I often use a Nikon D50 which is state of the art for 2010. You can pick these up on the auction site for $50 or so with a kit lens. One can take really good pictures
With this 6MP camera.
I’ve paired this with a 28-80mm lens which is also a bargain. I found this camera much easier to learn on than some of the newer cameras which have more features.
My higher end cameras are a Nikon D7200 and a Canon 80D. I use these with more sophisticated lenses for wildlife photography. Both are fantastic but with a steep learning curve. But they produce amazing pictures.

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