Para 17, #2226, circa 1956

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Para 17, #2226, circa 1956


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Built by Paul H. Young, this Para17, serial #2226, is equipped with a fixed two-inch all-cork extension butt and was likely intended for saltwater use. Paul Young used a similar para 17 for Florida bonefishing in the 1950's. Probably built in late 1956, this 8'6", 2/2 rod has wet and
dry tips. Inked on butt in
PHY's handwriting on two flats, First flat: Lloyd
Lawson - Dearborn Mich. Second flat: "Parabolic 17" 8 1/2 - 5.45 oz. Also marked #2226 on butt near stripping guide. Wet tip marked 2226 - Wet - G.B.F. Dry tip marked
2226 - Dry - H.C.H. Original owner may have been Lloyd Lawson of E&L Transport Co., Dearborn, MI who during World
War II designed a custom dual-engine Ford truck used to haul military bomber aircraft parts to factories for final assembly. The parabolic tip casts beautifully with a WF9 line. The Para 17 is surrounded by PHY silk gut leaders, a Trik-Kutter, a tin of Young's Preen, a PHY line and leader gauge, six PHY flies (two Strawman nymphs, two Bivisibles, and two squireel-wing Redhead flies), a PHY catalog circa 1951 (blue cover), and a 1955 catalog (red cover). The circular fly box at the left edge of the photo was owned by Ned Jewett, who is pictured on the cover of the 1955 catalog.
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Para 17, #2226, circa 1956


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I absolutely love that photo Bob and if any of the Young family were to see it I'm sure it would have graced a page in their catalog!

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