Butt caps on PHY rods

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Butt caps on PHY rods


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Butt caps on PHY rods came in two different styles. One style was a simple, round cap with a diagonally-knurled forward edge and a scribed line near the base of the cap. The other was a pocketed cap which does not have the knurled edge or the scribed line. Caps are often stamped with:
enclosed in a rectangular outline. Some caps are blank, but they are authentic, as sometimes the stamp was not used. The "Detroit" stamp continued to be used even when the company moved to Traverse City, Michigan.
The rods in the photos (top to bottom, and then left to right) are:PHY Special, late 1940s, simple round cap, cap is not pinned, cap has "Detroit" stamp.PHY 8'6" rod, 4-1/4 oz. for HCH line, pocketed cap is pinned, cap has no stamp.PHY Para 17, Nov. 1951, pocketed cap is not pinned, cap has "Detroit" stamp. This is the second PHY rod I have seen with reddish-brown pigment filling the stamped lettering. I don't know whether this colorant was original to the rods.
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Butt caps on PHY rods


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The butt cap on Martha Young's Perfectionist is all cork so it has no markings on it, the Princess by Todd Young may, I'll try to get photos of them posted.......

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