NEW rod library for SB Doublebuilts

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NEW rod library for SB Doublebuilts


Post by kilgore »

The Administrators have given me the OK to start collecting information on South Bend Doublebuilts. I recently bought a 9' 255 Doublebuilt and in trying to find info on this rod it appears as if their is no central place to learn about them. I know that there is a lot of info in the catalogues posted in Information About Makers and Manufacturers but I found it difficult to read many of them although in time I will do that too. What I am asking for first is pictures of South Bend Doublebuilts and any info that owners have that is not apparent from the rod itself---like date made. While doing this, I'd also like the same info on Doublebuilts made by Cross so that comparisons can be made. I anticipate errors of commission and omission from myself as this goes along so feel free to correct. Please send info and pix to my PM where I'll arrange them into a hopefully coherent library. Thanks to all.

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Re: NEW rod library for SB Doublebuilts


Post by Shrimpman »

That's great. Thank you for undetaking this!

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Re: NEW rod library for SB Doublebuilts


Post by FreestoneVintage »

Awesome, I'll be following this one!

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Re: NEW rod library for SB Doublebuilts


Post by wrong66 »

I wish you all the luck in the world. Information on Cross/South Bend Doublebuilts is very elusive, with only limited models ever appearing in catalogs.

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Re: NEW rod library for SB Doublebuilts


Post by oldphart »

I have two for you...

253 9' 3/2 HDH or E

166 9' 3/2 HDH or D #0474126

I'll send some pics later

Thanks for taking this on.


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