PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary

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PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary


Post by quashnet »

It's February 21st, marking for 2021 the 59th anniversary of Bob Summers putting the finishing touches on Paul H. Young Co. "Martha Marie", serial #4020. Acquired by me in 1990, George Beall's Martha Marie rod has been in my hands for over three full decades. I have now owned and fished this rod for more than half of the time it has existed.


George Beall was an expatriate American who grew up in Detroit but as an adult lived in southern France. In the 1970s, he was fishing in the Pyrenees, and in the Test and Avon Rivers when he visited England. Much of his fishing was with tiny midge flies tied on #22 and #24 hooks, using 7X and 8X tippets. He remained friends with Martha Marie Young years after her husband Paul's death. On his visits to the USA, Beall would bring Mrs. Young tippet material, because European tippets were stronger than what could be had in America. He also brought her samples of the Tricouleur Midge, which pleased Mrs. Young because they were tied in the blue, white, and red colors of the French flag.

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Re: PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary


Post by ibookje »

Happy birthday!

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Re: PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary


Post by GerardH »

I'm only 9 days older (2/12/62), happy birthday!

Gorgeous rod, thank you Quash for being a gatekeeper of all things Paul H. Young.

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Re: PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary


Post by 60InchDV8 »

Congrats.... on your anniversary and the special relationship you have with your PHY rods. I love his tapers too, especially for the Midge and Perfection for trout and the Texas General for Atlantic salmon dry fly fishing.
Regards from the Restigouche....Jim


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Re: PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary


Post by Peales »

Here’s looking at you Martha Marie!
59 years and still as gorgeous as the day it left the shop!

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Re: PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary


Post by chestatee »

Congrats Robert. That rod is a beauty.

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Re: PHY Martha Marie #4020 - 59th Anniversary


Post by headwaters »

Happy Anniversary!

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