Jeff Hatton Traveling Collection

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Jeff Hatton Traveling Collection


Post by bluejayee »

Hi Guys, I went yesterday to The Fly Fishing Show in Denver. Great Show but... The reason to go there is to see Jeff Hatton's traveling rod collection. It's very comprehensive and extensive. I drove a long way to get there and I'm thrilled to have gone. I'm sure many on this site have seen it but if not then borrow $15 from the old lady and hit the road. You won't regret it. Jay Edwards

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Jeff Hatton Traveling Collection


Post by flyfishingpastor »

I completely agree with you Jay - if Jeff's collection comes ANYPLACE close to you, make it a point to go see it. I saw it a couple of years back at the Southern Rod Makers Gathering in AR. and was amazed, not only at the collection, but Jeff hauling it around different parts of the country so we could see our history. Wonderful collection and well worth taking a couple of hours to peruse and I'm sure Jeff has added some stuff since then. Bamboo rods have come a LONG way since some of those rods were made.

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Jeff Hatton Traveling Collection


Post by canerodscom »

You're right Jay -- seeing that exhibit is worth some effort. Thanks to Jeff for his efforts at sharing his love of the heritage of our sport with the rest of us. And thanks also to those who helped Jeff -- especially John.

Wish you would have stopped by to say hello Jay -- would have enjoyed putting a face with your name. Or perhaps you did and it flew right over my head, in which case I apologize.

Harry Boyd

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Jeff Hatton Traveling Collection


Post by canesterdf »

Hello All, I will agree with everything that Harry said and add that it was an honor to be asked to confer with Jeff on some appraisals that he was doing for folks. It was the third time I have seen the big boards full of rods of every age and description. I am very proud to have helped Jeff get a couple of those rods. The wall of rods is really an educational experience and one can spend hours moving up and down the wall of over 120years rodmaking history learning as you go. Jeff and his good friend John Opplander (I hope I spelled that right) had recently updated the story cards and added some colorful historic fly pattern displays that really helped the visual impact. Jeff's enthusiam is contagious and he and John will answer questions and add comments and more history if anyone asks. It is an exhibit that you just should not miss if you are anywhere close to where he is displaying his collection of rodmaking history. I also set up a booth of vintage stuff for sale at the Denver show. I had a great time and met a lot of board members. I look forward to seeing all of you again.Best,Paul

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Jeff Hatton Traveling Collection


Post by john channer »

You guys forgot the best part, getting to meet and talk to Jeff! Jeff is truly amazing in his knowledge and enthusiasm for all things bamboo.

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