Idaho Panhandle Trip: St Joe's and Kelly Creek?

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Idaho Panhandle Trip: St Joe's and Kelly Creek?


Post by uintaangler »

Having moved from Utah a couple of years ago to the PNW, I find I am in need of a Westslope Cutthroat Trout fix!
Getting to some familiar waters in the Tetons or Yellowstone means lots of windshield time starting in Portland
So I am thinking of a trip to the Idaho Panhandle to try a couple of streams I have only heard about but never tried: the Saint Joe's River and Kelly Creek
I am looking for some info about places to stay where I can at least get up in the morning and get onto Kelly Creek ( my first choice of the two ) and get a full day's fishing without spending too much time driving every morning to get to the Creek?
I have a 19' trailer so a lead on a nice campground with hookups - would be great! ( as long as the road in isn't too steep and twisty - I don't trust my trailering all that much :eek
Can I drive my 4Runner right to access spots on Kelly Creek or is it hike-in fishing to get to the dumber, more willing cutties?
If a PM or email is more comfortable than responding here - please feel free.
My email address is:

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Re: Idaho Panhandle Trip: St Joe's and Kelly Creek?


Post by CDCdun »

Give these guys a call. They can help you out...


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Re: Idaho Panhandle Trip: St Joe's and Kelly Creek?


Post by Hellmtflies »

I'd stay in Superior, Montana. Then drive in each day. It's really not that far and the days are long currently. There are a couple of "Notells" in Superior that aren't that bad as far as a fishing trip goes. Dinner can be a bit of a challenge. But the super market there has the staples one needs.

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Re: Idaho Panhandle Trip: St Joe's and Kelly Creek?


Post by paramount »


Sounds like your set on Kelly Cr. But, there is also the Locsha...if you havent been there. Water level might be up somewhat though right now. Plenty of camping, Wendover, Whitehouse and Powell to name a few. Not the "wilderness" experience as Kelly is. Powell CG has hookups.

Sent an email, but I'm not sure you received it as it doesnt show in my email sent box.


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Re: Idaho Panhandle Trip: St Joe's and Kelly Creek?


Post by wineslob »

Why not the North and Little North CDA? I fished it 2 weeks ago, and while I only got one fish to hand, it was fantastic. PLENTY of road to explore on both, so it's pretty easy to get away from the crowds, such as they are.

FYI we are having a home built in Spirit Lake ID, so eventually I'll hit up "The Joe". Probably next spring.

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