What's your favorite fishing situation?

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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by PT48 »

Far and away my favourite is being on a NZ river, seeing a fish rising or on station, carefully getting in position to make a cast, presenting a dry fly, fish takes on first cast then netting, extracting the fly and releasing the fish without touching it. Ten out of ten.

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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by LeeO »

Anywhere I can catch fish. I don’t think I’d ever like just fishing the same place over and over. I have access to a tremendous smallmouth fishery and catch tons of 16”-20” fish every year. At times it gets a little boring. Same flies, same spots, same fish
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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by wctc1 »

It is on one of the NW Oregon coastal rivers, Alsea {fav, since our farm/ranch was near}, Siletz, or further north for the first fall sea run cutthroat. Generally not many people out, especially now since retired. Fine, clear, low water, furled leader. Wonderful days, crisp mornings. One of my good Granger's, my Kiley, or my long British rod. Success is not the point. That comes later when the salmon are in the northern rivers or when the small mouth "season" starts.

Why did this have to come up, this time of year?? Why did I just go to the rod closet? Why did I just count my stash? :P

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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by skykomish »

Prospecting with March Browns on a Catskill freestone on a sunny late afternoon.

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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by One&Duns »


from the back cover of Grays; Feb. 2005
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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by Bill Terry »

Hopper time. Or cicada time in New Zealand.

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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by SalmoNewf »

Fishing dry Bombers over bright Atlantic salmon on a medium size river.

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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by GerardH »

1. A lone trout sipping spinners on flat water...my favorite challenge
2. A spinner fall of March Browns -- one spinner fall in particular about 20 years ago provided perhaps the best 20 minutes of fly fishing I've ever experienced. It also yielded my biggest brown trout last summer in many years.
3. Brown drake hatch in northern WI freestone rivers
4. Casting a simple #16 Adams on one of my boyhood brook trout streams during the month of May/early June
5. The once dependable Hendrickson hatch on my western WI trout streams -- it's become a hit or miss affair in recent years.

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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by flyfishingpastor »

Anytime the water is wet, I'm up for it. BUT, if we're talking about a favorite situation, it would go something like this. Small, back country water, late fall. The water is low and clear. So are the temps - 40's/50's just around noon when the "No See 'Um" hatch is coming off. I want to have to sort through all my boxes, looking for something that will help me "break the code" of that time and place. I really don't care much for easy fishing. And, if things are really perfect, I would need a fire streamside for warm-up breaks - and my camping coffee pot in the ashes ready for when my fingers aren't working well. :) I'm pretty sure I would be alone on this one. Neither my wife or my son-in-law enjoy such settings! :)


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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by WiFlyFisher »

I have been on several rivers a lot the past few years and nothing tops for me then getting a chance this year to spend time and fish with a dear friend on the HF after his serious fight with cancer. I hope that fishing situation repeats for many years to come.


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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by Eric Peper »

Me too. Thank you. Plan is to be in the northland for three months again, assuming all goes well with my spousal unit who is in the same battle.
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Re: What's your favorite fishing situation?


Post by jhuskey »

You two Gents are moving the bar up a few notches - thank you.
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