Future of Sweetgrass

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by headwaters »

Flyman615 wrote:
10/01/20 16:47
canerodscom wrote:
09/30/20 17:42
Wow, that’s nice to hear. Besides being our premier bamboo supplier David Serafin is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet

+3, MTdave is a great guy! What a great story.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by Arubey »

That is wonderful news - congrats Dave!
A. Rubey Rod Co.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by WIHEXROD »

That is great news.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by kermit »

Sweetgrass keeps getting sweeter........

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by fefferje »

Glen is a super guy as many if not all have agreed. I e-mailed him recently about his suggestion for a ferrule adhesive. He suggested adhesive, and mentioned he could send me matching thread, color preservative and varnish. I told him I had the color preservative and varnish, and I would buy the epoxy. Before I knew it he had sent 7 spools of goldish to orangish thread. Glenn is a mensch. Just an extraordinarily talented craftsman who is an extraordinary person. Strangely, the 38 prefire Leonard I’m fixing
has the same “apricot” colored wraps as the Winston Glenn made back in 2004. It is a joy to work with Glenn!! Jed

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by Caneghost »

Sweetgrass is indeed alive and well. Jerry is still doing some rodmaking at home in Maryland. We corresponded this summer, resulting in his designing and building the ferruled blank for a very special 8' four weight pent for my summertime Catskill trout stalking. The rod traveled to Montana where Glenn added a reelseat, guides and wraps and finished everything. USPS tells me it is to be delivered today.

Our dry fly season is over, so it will not be on the river until I find dimples in the film, but I hope not to freeze my tail off when I cast it tomorrow. It is supposed to warm up above freezing!
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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by 6weight »

A few weeks ago, Glenn and company mai!ed me a Mantra which had been repaired. The rod was then stolen from off of my lawn where the postal service had dropped it off. Glenn promptly informed me that he would replace the rod at no cost to me. I offered to pay for at least half of the new rod, but he would not hear of it. A class act all the way. We need more businesses like Sweetgrass.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by DaveNJ »

To throw in my support.... I've raved about my 7'3" 4wt penta, and I found a 7'6" 5wt penta on ebay this summer that I picked up because it went for half the price of what it retails for (still looks new) and they're now the only rods I really need for my local fishing. The 5wt lays out line smoother than any other rod I own.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by m1911 »

In 2017 I had Glenn build a pair of 7'9"-5-weights and had Glenn sign the rods including year....(I didn't want MY name on the rods).
For a long time I never thought I'd buy Bamboo, but have purchased several now; all made in Montana.


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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by scarlet>fire »

Just received my first Sweetgrass. A gorgeous 8' 2/2 5wt quad. I have been fortunate to own a number of truly nice rods over the years and this is one of the nicest. Thank you Glenn!

Best, Chris

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by Bill Terry »

I'd like to add my endorsement of Glenn Brackett. In 2005, my wonderful wonder-wife commissioned a Winston bamboo rod for my birthday. We went up to Twin Bridges to talk with Glenn about what I wanted. He was great to work with. It was delivered that November, and it was one of the last rods Glenn built for Winston. It's my most cherished rod.

I'm glad he's prospering on his own.
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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by Gnarl78 »

I was fortunate to buy two Mantras from Glenn this past year. Beautiful rods. Fellow forum members sold me a few more, and I now have a nice variety ranging from a 6’9” 3wt. Hex to a 8’3” 6wt. Quad.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by sagegrouse715 »

Glenn is currently building me a 2/2 hex 8’ 3 3/4 oz 5 wt rod. I am expecting to receive it within a month. It will be my second rod from Sweetgrass. I can’t imagine a better person/craftsman to build a rod for me. I am getting excited!

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by EMH2 »

Glenn built me a 4 piece 5 wt hex for south america travel with an action to throw something just a little larger. Glenn took my specific goals and created what I wanted. I have sadly only I only had the opportunity to use it in argentina before the virus struck, but my tale was 111 trout up to 26 inches in a week shown in his January 2020 newsletter. I used this rod in the brisk breeze of patagonia and it stood up well without overlining. As soon as I escape from the home confinement of the virus I am hoping to take it on the road and catch a few more. It was a pleasure to speak with Glenn to commission this rod build and it was (and will be) a pleasure to use it.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by GMflyf1sh »

Sweetgrass is in good hands. Glenn and Jerry continue to build and finish rods. There are other builders helping Glenn build rods and making the blanks.

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by mtdave »

Sweetgrass is indeed, in good hands.
Glenn works in the shop every day and all the blanks are made in house, in Montana. The more time that I spend working with Glenn, the more I realize how much more I have to learn. It's a never ending process. I'm very fortunate to be able to learn from two masters of their craft, like Jerry and Glenn.
David Serafin

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Re: Future of Sweetgrass


Post by firehole »

You're in great hands with Glenn & Jerry. I love Sweetgrass Rods!!!
2006 NZ 7'9" Quad 3/2 4/5wt.

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