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This board is for discussing concerns of fishing bamboo fly rods. Examples would be, lines, actions, classic and modern makers actions and the like.

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fly reel


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I have a Hardy 3" pre WW II St. George Reel and I want to find a Bamboo fly rod to compliment my reel. What weight fly rod should I look for?

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Re: fly reel


Post by PYochim »

I'd pair it with a 5 weight. Something to consider is that double taper lines take up more space on the reel than weight forward lines of the same weight. So if you use a WF you will be able to get more backing in it, for what that is worth.

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Re: fly reel


Post by 60InchDV8 »

Assuming you are wanting to match this great reel with a rod for small to medium size streams, I would recommend a 3 to 5 wt dry fly rod, from 6 to 7 1/2 feet. I like a midge style rod for dry fly fishing on small streams. A Hardy CC de France from 6 to 7 ft and a silk 3 or 4 wt line would be a versatile outfit for small to medium size streams and an ideal match.
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Re: fly reel


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A superb functional and aesthetic match for a 7.5 to 8.5 foot 4 or 5wt. If your reel has an aluminium reel back, it would better match the shorter end of the spectrum. You could go beyond these limits in either direction, but why?

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