Phillipson Pacemaker Thread colors ??

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Phillipson Pacemaker Thread colors ??


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Rod is from 1947 ish. Sinclair book has colors as nylon lime green with yellow tipping which matches the existing colors. Does anybody know the correct yellow color #. Lime green is gudebrod 355. I don’t know thread company used by Phillipson. Most wraps great shape on rod except a few which need RE wrap

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Re: Phillipson Pacemaker Thread colors ??


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I don't know what thread Phillipson used, but I matched wraps on a Pacemaker using Belding Corticelli #9375 tipped B/C #3030, with clear lacquer as the CP.


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Re: Phillipson Pacemaker Thread colors ??


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Check with Rick's Rods in Denver.

They own the Phillipson brand & have lots of old thread, etc.

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