Green & Sun Kyoto / Barada Rod

This board is for discussing the repair and restoration of bamboo fly rods, makers discussion and construction techniques relating to same. Examples would be different techniques or methods used by restorationists and makers.

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Green & Sun Kyoto / Barada Rod


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Evening all,
Thought I would share a few photos from a recent trip I had to Japan. I only had a few hours to kill in Kyoto before we headed home from our snow trip. Quick google search brought up a few fly store in the area and Green & Sun had the Japanese vibe I was wanting to consume. After a botched up bust trip resulting in healthy walk we arrived at the store greeted by the owner Kubo, fortunately his English was much better than my Japanese and he showed me his fine collection of classic reels and fine local made rods, from graphite to grass. He had a beautifully finished Ron Kusse bamboo but the stand out in my eyes were 2 local made rods from Barada Rod. I cast 2 of these rods in the street whilst dodging cars between casts. One was made from tonkin but the stellar stand out in my eyes was the 6'6" heguri bamboo. This material feels quite heavy in hand but once cast feels very light and extremely sensitive and accurate. So much so in my eyes made tonkin feel almost lifeless (please note this is only my limited opinion on bamboo too)
Kubo's store had so much great local made products it was hard not the leave and feel extremely inspired and humble to whiteness, will also note his range of nets were something other too!
Hopefully theses pictures show some of the detail

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