R.W. Summers - Wow!

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R.W. Summers - Wow!


Post by G-ManBart »

A couple of months ago I went to an estate auction and came home with an amazing pile of fly rods that were all bundled together. One of them is an R.W. Summers No. 260 in the original bag, but missing the tube. I actually didn't know the rod was there when I planned to attend and darned near fell over when I saw it in the pile loose!

On a whim I called Bob up a few weeks ago, told him that I was lucky enough to get one of his rods at an auction, but it was missing the tube. We talked about how often that happens when non-fly fishing folks have to sort out estates so he's heard similar things before. He asked who had owned it, what kind of condition it was in, etc and was clearly interested and happy to hear the rod was still around after 31 years.

He said he would be glad to make a new tube for it, quoted me a very fair price, and told me to send him an e-mail with my info. He was in the shop and I didn't want to keep him, so it was a short, but friendly chat and I was left thinking "wow, he's a super nice guy". I sent the e-mail a few minutes later and figured at some point he would give me a call to get payment, etc. Out of the blue the tube showed up today with an invoice wrapped around the tube! You just have to love guys like that!

I will add that the rod is beautiful and I'm sure my casting doesn't do it justice, but it's a sweet stick! All of that just makes me want to place an order for a big brother to the 260!

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Re: R.W. Summers - Wow!


Post by 60InchDV8 »

Congrats on your find....Pls. include some photos and commentary about its casting characteristics.
Regards from the Restigouche....Jim

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Re: R.W. Summers - Wow!


Post by creakycane »

That's a great one to find. The 260 with its slow butted Perfectionist type taper is one of Bob's best.

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Re: R.W. Summers - Wow!


Post by sanderson »

What a great find and story! I've found myself in awe of so many of the builders on this board, and in the archives. I'm still, after a year and a half, lacking confidence in asking advice and suggestions of these makers...I don't want to waste their time. It's really neat to read of such positive, helpful experiences that others have had. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: R.W. Summers - Wow!


Post by munsey w »

I always dream about something like this happening to me...so far no great finds like this one. Enjoy the rod, it is one of the best!

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Re: R.W. Summers - Wow!


Post by OldCane »

Excellent find. I think you also saved that rod from a hard life of being misused by a novice or hanging on the wall of some restaurant. Your supply of good karma increased with this rescue.
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