Chubb Silkien Rod

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Chubb Silkien Rod


Post by flyroddb »

I recently acquired a Chubb Silkien rod. It is 8-sided, 10.5', 3/2, with sheet cork grip, and N/S guides and ferrules. The acetate label list an 1897 patent date. The reel seat has the Chubb star stamp. I'm guess that the rod is c 1900. Is this correct and was this before or after Chubb was purchased by Montague?


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Re: Chubb Silken Rod


Post by wrong66 »

Your rod would have been built long after the purchase of Chubb by Montague in 1891. Mark

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Re: Chubb Silken Rod


Post by cwfly »

For accuracy, I believe it is "Silkien" not "Silken."
I do not believe George Varney made either Silken or Silkien rods.

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Re: Chubb Silken Rod


Post by PaducahMichael »

That's one of my very favorite decals - has the silkworm cocoon and a thread of silk on it as well as some very good looking graphics. They are not often seen, so the rod is extra cool because of that label.

Nice find!

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Re: Chubb Silken Rod


Post by ewp313 »

cwfly wrote:For accuracy, I believe it is "Silkien" not "Silken."
I do not believe George Varney made either Silken or Silkien rods.
Thank you Charlie, you are correct on both issues. I stand corrected. I was mistaken about Varney making silkien rods, there is no evidence to support that statement. The Honeyman Hardware or 1911 Jenkins, etc hardware ads of that period do not mention a silkien rod made by Varney. Ed

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Re: Chubb Silkien Rod


Post by TheMontyMan »

Nice find Dennis! I'd guess your rod was built between 1905 and the mid-1920's, because it has English twist guides.

Based on my experience, here's how I'd date this particular model and style of rod... If it has hanging ring guides, I'd guess it was built before about 1905. If it has English twist guides (like yours), I'd guess between 1905 and about the mid-1920's. If it has American twist guides, I'd say it was probably built after the mid-1920's.

I have a Silkien in my stash as well. It's an 8-strip 10.5 footer, but in pretty rough shape. It has hanging ring guides and the hardware is blackened. Here are a couple of pics:


It is interesting to note the differences in models over time. Mine has the Chubb decal on the rod shaft above the Silkien label, and yours has the Chubb logo stamped into the reel seat.

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Re: Chubb Silkien Rod


Post by uniquafly »

The “Silkien” process must have been quite popular back then. Looking at the facsimile of a Divine rod catalog from 1911, in “Fishing Rods by Divine”, the treatment or process, for lack of a better word, was advertised as a “silk wrapped” rod. This “silk wrapping” was offered in the 1923 catalog as well and could be ordered for any rod model.
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