Ron McKinley rods

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Ron McKinley rods


Post by salmonid1 »

Recently a few Ron McKinley rods have surfaced. He made rods under the name of Macklin Customs for a bunch of years back in the late 80's and through the late 90's. He also restored many rods for appreciative clients and was a real magician in the field. His rods were always perfectly executed for structural quality and cosmetics and his attention to detail was above reproach. I also believe that he was the initial maker behind the later evolved Leonard Rod Co. owned by Brian McGrath. I have never seen a McKinley rod that disappointed for performance or appearance. And have never seen one that after much use developed sets or compromises due to poor workmanship at the bench. If you have an opportunity to acquire one, you will not be disappointed. Carmine Lisella

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Re: Ron McKinley rods


Post by BAMBOO2041 »

I agree with Carmine whole heartedly. Could not have said it better.
Charles Vaden

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Re: Ron McKinley rods


Post by RWHoffhines »

Allow me to second, or third that. I gained so much form building up his blanks I obtained through Mr. Corsetti. I eventually forged a pleasant phone friendship with Mr. McKinley, but (very) regrettably never got a chance to meet him face to face. So much to learn...
Carmine, you might remember that nice 7'6" you came across that I had built off one of his his blanks. After he was gone I tried to imitate might also remember with less-than-total success. The man was a wealth of knowledge and skill. A true master.
Those are stunning rods you posted, I'm sure they are delights to cast and more importantly, on the water.


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Re: Ron McKinley rods


Post by hatch »

If I remember correctly Ron repaired some reels for me also.

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Re: Ron McKinley rods


Post by Tommasini »

PM sent.

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Re: Ron McKinley rods


Post by creakycane »

I bought a dark, 7' Duracane with the green wraps that had one compomised tip, and after years of fishing it myself, the other tip failed.
Sent it to Ron back in the 90s sometime , and he made replacements using the male ferrules that were amazingly well done. I remember at the time, the price was really inexpensive, and I really like that rod.

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Re: Ron McKinley rods


Post by firehole »

His restorations are on par with Blake & Schroeder.


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