ESPN article on Tom Morgan

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ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by Boofisher »

Anyone see this?
Very well written article with a surprisingly intimate look at one of our long-time heroes! ... y-universe

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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by cregb »

Thanks for posting that. Wright Thompson is one of my favorite long form writers for them.

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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by Cane Head »

I am humbled.


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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by wbinn »

Ken, I too am humbled. What an inspirational couple! Just an outstanding article!!!

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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by Doublegun »

What a wonderful piece. Two years ago I went through the process of ordering a rod (graphite) through Tom and Gerri. Tom seemed to enjoy answering questions about the rod I had ordered but he seemed to sincerely enjoy asking me about the fishing I did as if he had all the time in the world to talk about fishing.

The rod, a 3-pc, 8', 4-wt, is nothing short of exquisite to cast but reading the piece about Tom and Gerri reminded me the pleasure I get from just owning one of their creations.

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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by PYochim »


Thanks for the link. A nice read although some of the specific details didn't add to the piece.

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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by JimmyB11 »

I think some of the specifics added realism and sent the reader outside the standard comfort level. Looking after someone with all of those needs is daunting and the insight into the dreams and thoughts of someone with those challenges was also welcome.
I read a softer piece about Tom in Forbes a while back but this article was much more insightful and hard hitting.

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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by headwaters »

Fabulous article! Thanks for sharing.


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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by Flyman615 »

There are now three separate Forum threads on this article (which is great, BTW).
Perhaps they could be combined?


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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by Kenneth »

Wow. I finally had the time to read the article. Totally inspirational and beautifully written.

Boofisher, thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by Brian K. Shaffer »

It's a lot to expect from a fishing pole.

Great stuff in this post from 2013
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Re: ESPN article on Tom Morgan


Post by Ear4 »

Thanks for reminding me of the article and prodding me to re-read it.

I fished yesterday with a rod Tom & Gerri built, and casted it and a couple other this morning.

Joy is the emotion that comes when I cast or fish one of Tom’s rods. And that is a lot to expect from a fishing rod but this forum is full of posts of people talking about rods they really connect with. And that connection is joy. It does not come from the same designer, builder, even material but that joy is what makes it fun and makes this forum fun too.

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