Help with ID of Rod (Pocono on Reel Seat)

This is the board to ask about the identity, or for an appraisal, of a rod. Please use the outline as explained on the board. If there is a makers name, list that in the subject line. Make sure you include the length, number of sections, any identifying markings and the general condition. Adding photographs is always helpful!

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Help with ID of Rod (Pocono on Reel Seat)


Post by flyfishermann1955 »

My friend, who is a lifelong resident of Stroudsburg, PA, sent me these photos. I know H-I had a rod named
Pocono in the early 1950s that was basically a 1-tip version of the Tonka Prince, usually wrapped in red with
a red plastic reel seat.

This rod has a metal reel seat with POCONO engraved in large letters. Looks like a 3-piece rod with a
signature wrap and a lot of intermediate wraps. Some wraps look red, others perhaps burgundy, and
some even darker (perhaps black).

Does anyone recognize the reel seat, winding check, or ferrules? Did H-I have an earlier rod also
named Pocono?




Thanks- Ken

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Re: Help with ID of Rod (Pocono on Reel Seat)


Post by wrong66 »

An earlier Montague, maybe late 20's or early 30's.

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Re: Help with ID of Rod (Pocono on Reel Seat)


Post by waltryan1 »

I think Wrong is mostly right. Montague but a little earlier. I would like a better look at the guides.

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