This is the board to ask about the identity, or for an appraisal, of a rod. Please use the outline as explained on the board. If there is a makers name, list that in the subject line. Make sure you include the length, number of sections, any identifying markings and the general condition. Adding photographs is always helpful!

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I have been given two vintage bamboo rods that were father and son rods. Father bought a Streamliner in 1946. I believe it to be an H-I. The other is a Montague Sunbeam bought for the son in 1951. Both are in fairly pristine condition. Any guesses as to their worth? mrmuddler

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If your Sunbeam is in nearly pristine condition, it may be worth between $40 an $75, depending upon whether you have both tips, the the original rod sock with a label, and/or an original rod tube with a label. $40 without all of the extras, maybe $75 with all or most of them.

The Streamliner is not in my wheelhouse.

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