Simms and Orvis BOA wading boots

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Re: Simms and Orvis BOA wading boots


Post by Loogie »

Just think if you end up in a survival situation, you can use your BOAs to make snares! Looks like they should work, but I would definitely carry a spare, which adds weight to your kit, therefore a non-starter for me.

alberta al
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Re: Simms and Orvis BOA wading boots


Post by alberta al »

I have had a couple pairs of Simms boats with the boa system. I also have regular lace up Simms boots. I like them both.
I find the lace up boot better for late October Uboating in just before freeze up fishing and for duck hunting from September to freeze up.The boa system is handy, but it’s downfall is mud and grit. Mud and grit will destroy the cables in no time flat. I am somewhat of an boa cable expert due my liking the system. Replacing a cable is easy, once you do it a couple of times. I always have a spare cable with me - they are easy to pack and don’t take up much room. I have never had one break in the field, but have replaced more than a few badly frayed cables. Keep them as grit free as you can, and they are great.


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Re: Simms and Orvis BOA wading boots


Post by teter »

I'm on my second pair of Simms BOA boots and I love the convenience. They are quick to get on and off, and I never have to worry about my laces coming untied and the boot sticking in the mud and coming off. The reason I bought a second pair is that the first pair wore out (not the cables, but parts of the sole). I still have some lace-ups that I keep for guests, but the BOAS are my go-to boots.

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Re: Simms and Orvis BOA wading boots


Post by Paul B »

Thanks for your responses on this subject ,some for and some against .
Guess it’s another example of “you pays your money and you takes your pick”.
Thanks for all your input .

Paul B

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Re: Simms and Orvis BOA wading boots


Post by redband02 »

I have had my Orvis BOA boots for about 3 years replacing Simms BOA boots. No problems with either BOA system. I out grew the Simms boots and now my son uses them. I used the Orvis boots for about 3 years fishing once a week almost every week. I wear size 10, the Orvis boots were size 11 but now am having more foot problems and got a pair of lace up size 13 Orvis boots from an acquaintance. Can't get the lace up boots very tight compared to the BOA boots. But at 72 years old I sure enjoyed the convenience of the BOA system especially in the winter in Montana putting them on and taking them off at the end of the day . Just got a little tight with swollen feet.

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Re: Simms and Orvis BOA wading boots


Post by MGrallert »

The sand of norther Michigan rivers made short work of my BOA lases. I still have them and now only use them in rocky streams.

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