A Fine Day Birdhunting in VA!

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A Fine Day Birdhunting in VA!


Post by Loogie »

Went out with a good bird hunting friend this afternoon. It was a perfect afternoon, a small breeze 54deg, clear skies. It was one of those days we bird hunters wish for, not long after first dog locked up in a thicket, and a giant covey went up, no shots, low birds and three dogs one pointing two honoring. So we went in the direction of the largest part of the flush. Dogs locked up shortly on the edge of the open field where they dispersed, a pair flushed and my first double of 2021 was in the books. Later on my dog locked up in a thicket and a single popped up through the tall grass and I connected with a quick shot. We shifted fields and put up a Woodcock, after a couple shorty points because woodcock are known to scurry. After about a half hour of exploring all three dogs Locked up on the edge of an open field! Another covey! We both connected, my friend John with his 28 and me with my 20, we dropped 3 birds, second double on the books. We lost one bird though...as we kept walking we found a third covey! Two more birds, than a single from my friend John. Here is the deal, John is no spring chicken he is 75, former Marine, just an all around great man that I look up to! The terrain we walk is not easy, its heavy cutover, or thickets. But a great afternoon was spent, we fixed worlds problems, shot some birds and watched our dogs do magic.


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Re: A Fine Day Birdhunting in VA!


Post by jimwright »

Loogie, it's been many years since I've squeezed a trigger but it was fun to go along and I understand the 75 thing perfectly since December the 8th! Thanks for posting, Jim

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Re: A Fine Day Birdhunting in VA!


Post by bobk »

Great story, thanks for posting it.

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Re: A Fine Day Birdhunting in VA!


Post by archer829 »

What a great day! Thanks for sharing! Jeff

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Re: A Fine Day Birdhunting in VA!


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