In Praise of Folstaff Repair

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In Praise of Folstaff Repair


Post by hopkintoncane »

OK, so if this posting is not appropriate please accept my apologies in advance, but I wanted to share a nice story, sent a Folstaff to warrantee repair a few weeks ago for what I thought was going to be a simple replacement of 2 of the sections at the joint where they "opened up" under stress during a self rescue in the "Black Hole" section of the Salmon River and I got the staff back today, all fixed up with a new cork grip, tip section and new shock cord, very nice and appreciated, nice to know there are still companies like that. Todd

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Re: In Praise of Folstaff Repair


Post by billems »

Good to know. I plan to get a Folstaff, following a year of struggling with a staff with longer sections that was never comfortable to use.

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Re: In Praise of Folstaff Repair


Post by High Desert »

I had a similar experience. I have a Folstaff that I got back in the late 80’s that had the carbide tip go missing. Called them, explained what happened, sent it in, got a new carbide tip at no charge. This was 30+ years later we’ll done, Folstaff !

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Re: In Praise of Folstaff Repair


Post by GMflyf1sh »

I have been using the sam Folstaff for almost 50 years. I got it on my first trip to Montana when I was a young a crazy college student who had no fear until he found the round rocks and currents of some of Montana’s rivers to be challenging. Best investment I ever made.

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