It's Time for Some Posole'

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Re: It's Time for Some Posole'


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Way too much for me but sounds great. One of the things I get a kick out of on many of these old recipes is when we put something in the microwave. Your grandmother's would cringe if they knew you were using a microwave on some of her recipes.

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Re: It's Time for Some Posole'


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HA! Brings back an old memory from my USMC days.

"About Mexican restaurants! I'm sure the Mexican food in Chicago is good, but if you want real Mexican food, you'll get it in New Mexico. IN NM there is Mexican food, and then there is also Northern New Mexican food, which is entirely different."

In about 1972 we were traveling from one rose garden to another. We were driving the southern route toward California so we decided to see the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. We arrived a few days after Thanksgiving day. To say the least, the caverns were absolutely stunning, and functionally, due to lack of tourists, I think my wife and I had the guide to ourselves, or maybe with another lady. What a tour!

Then we went back to the hotel restaurant for supper. The place was very sparsely populated, and we were maybe the only guests in the restaurant which prominently advertised "authentic" Mexican food.

We could see the kitchen. We ordered something that mentioned "chili." To our amusement, we saw the kitchen staff look at the order, dig around to find a can of commonly available chili, take the top off, and into the dish it went, with a dashing splash of hot sauce! At about that time the man in the kitchen saw we were watching him. He shrugged, holding up the can, and smiled big. The others noticed and they smiled big. We smiled big.

It was all good, and New Mexico / American "authentic" too.

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