Save your bacon grease...

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by ablecane »

Always save the bacon grease.
Not adverse to using lard, either. :)

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by bamboo rodley »

When I was in my early 20's I lived in North Carolina while I attended a furniture making program there. My housemate, another student, was from rural Arkansas. He was just out of high school, so really knew very little about cooking. He would cook a hamburger every day for dinner, Monday thru Saturday. He never washed the pan or drained out the grease. Then on Sunday morning he would fry Poppin Fresh biscuits in the grease, and eat them with eggs, and then wash the pan. I've often wondered if he is still alive.

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by cheffy »

If I want to make my doctor cringe I tell her about one of the dishes I teach the students in my culinary class to make.
Pork belly confit.
Cure the belly overnight then slowly poach it in lard for several hours, chill, cut into slabs and brown it up in a cast iron skillet with bacon fat.

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by jhuskey »

Save your bacon grease... in here. :D


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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by Wolfsbane »

You're never to too old to make bad decisions.

mdwwhw wrote:What Brooks said. Would have made a great and accurate tatto, if I was the tatto type or generation.

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by Minnesota »

+1 (or more). I have a special pacemaker, my second one. In addition, I also have seven coronary artery stents. Enjoy your bacon grease!

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by DrLogik »

If I threw out all of my bacon grease, what would I use for fly floatant?

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by 3creeks »

The best French toast is made in bacon grease. Also the best fried eggs.

I make fried rice with bacon and in lieu of the recommended butter I use some of the bacon drippings.

The best thing to fry potatoes in is beef tallow, although I haven't tried bacon grease. Hmm...

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Re: Save your bacon grease...


Post by Gunpowder Angler »

I was doing the Dr. Oz detox, and one of the ingredients that is put into a smoothie is coconut oil. I went to Krogers to buy my ingredients, and next to where the coconut oil was located was bacon grease. Plus, they also had duck fat and lard.

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