Use this forum for Q&A of a technical nature, i.e., PC, cache, screen related problems, picture resizing, avatars and the like. We will also post facts here for you and instructions of a how-to nature which should make things more fun for you by eliminating some of the frustration with posting photos, etc. Thanks.

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How come I can’t figure this out

All I get when I click on the photo link is this

Please tell me how to
Load pictures

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Re: Photos


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Create a free account at PostImage:

It's easy once you've done it a few times. JPEGS downloaded directly from PostImage to the forum this way are full size, not watermarked and are ad-free.

1. Log in
2. Upload your JPEG image - don't resize
3. A page "upload completed" appears with options--go "hotlink for forums", the second from the bottom
4. Click the blue icon on the right--you'll get a "copied" message
5. Paste the copied image where you want it:

To post a previously uploaded image:
1. Log in
2. Click "My Images" on the upper right menu bar
3. Click on the desired image
4. Click the share icon--you'll get the same screen mentioned above, just copy by clicking the blue icon & paste

I wish all forum members would use this. We wouldn't have to click to enlarge photos and wouldn't be subjected to lowbrow ads.

Hope this helps...

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