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Use this forum for Q&A of a technical nature, i.e., PC, cache, screen related problems, picture resizing, avatars and the like. We will also post facts here for you and instructions of a how-to nature which should make things more fun for you by eliminating some of the frustration with posting photos, etc. Thanks.

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Re: Welcome to the New Forum


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Thanks teter.

Not too many grumbles. If I do the stats we'd be around 0.3%. You guys are great!

If any of you can help someone else with a difficulty they have, it would all help.

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Re: Welcome to the New Forum


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Thanks for your work and effort...it is greatly appreciated. I took this forum for granted until it was unavailabe for a while.

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Re: Welcome to the New Forum


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I'm not worried about my old PM's I printed out all the information long ago, but I'd really like my original user code Fatmans1 - and the number of posts I had!!!

None of the guys are gonna know who I am!!!! But I'm with the others, at least we still have the board!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Welcome to the New Forum


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is this getting posted? I've been having problems with that.....

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Re: Welcome to the New Forum


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Yes it is James.

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