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Re: Top five


Post by gt05254 »

" I still occasionally wonder if he ever caught a trout less than three pounds. :) ;) >:D"
I knew Ernie fairly well....and wonder if he ever hooked a salmon under 40 pounds.
BTW, Paul Schullery is at the top of my list.

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Re: Top five


Post by GMflyf1sh »

1. Dana Lamb
2. Ernest Schweibert
3. Dave Hughes
4. Traver
5. Nick Lyons

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Re: Top five


Post by bluesjay »

Hi Guys, Schwiebert, Traver, McClane, Marinaro and J Edson Leonard are my picks. Leonard 'cause 'Flies' started me on tying, and McClane 'cause he started me on bamboo rod making.
I too was lucky to fish with Schwiebert at a two day class. It was below Lake Catamount Dam near Steamboat Springs in '82. He had 9' and 8 1/2' T&T rods, both in good shape. He said, "Those guys are crazy." I saw him catch a huge Rainbow in the 4-5 lb. range. I have a picture. There was a hatch of a tiny green Midges below the dam, and Whitefish were rising. He identified what was happening and had a soft hackle fly, one of which he gave me, and we stood and caught 6-10 inch Whitefish 'til it got time to go. He caught five to every one I caught. Not much else going on, though he rolled a big fish under the willows on an Edson Tiger light or dark. I carried his rod and two Whitefish for my cats. I still have the fly. He signed 'Matching the Hatch' and 'Nymphs.' I later saw him tie at Frank Meek's condo.

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Re: Top five



Bergman was my early favorite for the tremendous knowledge shared on various fish and ways to catch them.

Leonard Wright for his thoughts away from the accepted thoughts of the time.

MacQuarrie is the great unknown by many, possibly because his stories weren't published in book form until long after his death. (Also,his fishing book can be hard to find)

Gierach for his early writings.

Lyons, not only for his own works, but for the amazing amount of books he's published for others.

Of course Traver or Haig-Brown is as great as any of them.

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