Upon a Riverback by Derek Mills

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Upon a Riverback by Derek Mills


Post by creakycane »

Finally opened this book and am finding it well written, informative and IMO an overlooked gem. You can find it quite reasonably on amazon, amd I would suggest the expanded 2005 printing over the 2004 edition. Bits on northcountry fishing, Ireland, lots on salmon, the Tweed, Iceland and british ff history. Really enjoying it. Lots on information in this book.

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Re: Upon a Riverback by Derek Mills


Post by splintered »

You obviously have quite a nice angling library! I will look into this one, as it seems your tastes are similar to mine.
Thanks for posting!
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Re: Upon a Riverback by Derek Mills


Post by Marterius »

Thank you, I have some of his other books and I appreciate them. Dr. Mills was a biologist and an authority on the biology and management of Atlantic salmon. I just found that he passed away in 2018, here is an obituary:

https://www.medlarpress.com/blog/files/ ... a2-30.html

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