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New to Forum: Hello


Post by j.robillard »


I'm new to the forum and also to fly fishing. I was fortunate enough to be raised in Bellingham, WA. Up until my twenties, I fished heavily with my father, and all on spinner rigs. I came to fly fishing this year, and needless to say I'm all in and loving it. I'm a lifelong distance runner, with a focus on trails and mountaineering. I've put over 27,000 miles on my legs in the last 25-30 years. At this point, I need to balance my running with something else, and fly fishing has been the perfect thing. My body is thanking me, and I hope to be able to traverse mountains well into my later life. I like fishing harder to reach bodies of water in my area, which is NW and Central Oregon. I have only one rod, a 480 Classic Trout and one reel, an SA 456 (BFR). I'm an environmentalist and some might say minimalist. In essence, I don't like lots of stuff and I respect nature. This past year I've spent countless hours reading posts in this forum. It is a wealth of knowledge, and Your posts have helped shape my views on fishing. I practice catch and release, and respect quality blue-collar gear that can last a lifetime. At some point, I'll treat myself to a bamboo rod and a lovely CFO to balance it. Thanks for reading!

Take Care,
Jeremy Robillard.

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Post by sodbank »

Welcome to the forum !

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Re: New to Forum: Hello


Post by Brian Shaffer »

That special first bamboo rod and CFO reel...
wise you are to give this some time.

Welcome to the forum.

Ice cold water will feel great on those runners knees.
" There's no such thing as a fly fisherman wholly satisfied with his casting performance. " ~ Jim Green (1971)
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I enjoy the many surprising moments with bamboo.

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Re: New to Forum: Hello


Post by fefferje »

Welcome Jeremy. Good to have you aboard! Jed

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Re: New to Forum: Hello


Post by bellbird »

Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy. Cheers.
....with the hope a fish will rise.

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Re: New to Forum: Hello


Post by headwaters »

Welcome, Jeremy! I think you'll fit in fine here. Glad to have you aboard!

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