Repairing old brass fly reel

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Repairing old brass fly reel


Post by Aussieman »

I recently purchased at auction an old small brass fly reel. It is quite heavy and is in good condition considering its age but the original handle must have broken and has been replaced with an ugly piece of L-shaped iron that has gone rusty . The reel has a centre spindle.
Could anyone please tell me where I could get it fixed.
Thank you.
David ( in Australia ).


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Re: Repairing old brass fly reel


Post by Brooks »

I don't know if this guy can help you, but he's closer to you than anyone over here in N.A.

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Re: Repairing old brass fly reel


Post by sooty »

how to strip a hardy hercules single screw fly reel.
Is the center screw left or right hand thread !

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