Gear on Hardy LRH

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Gear on Hardy LRH


Post by andre49 »

The teeth on my LRH spool are shot. Is the gear replaceable or is it one piece? If replaceable, do I go to Hardy or does anyone know someone who can fix it?


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Gear on Hardy LRH


Post by uniquafly »

Think you might pick up another spool from somewhere? Someone out there should have one that's in good condition. Just a thought.
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Re: Gear on Hardy LRH


Post by teter »

Not all LRH spools are interchangeable. Oddly enough, some will swap with the Heddon Daisy reels but not with other LRH's.
Your best bet is probably to contact Bill Archuleta at 541-956-1691.

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Re: Gear on Hardy LRH


Post by Fanwing »

I picked up an LRH spool last month.(there's a post on it). Sent it to a friend in PA who has
both a single screw lineguard and a mint two screw lineguard LRH, to see if it would fit one or the other. The spindle does not fit the one screw, and the teeth did not mesh on the two screw
reel. 32 teeth so it does not appear to be from an L lineguard reel, perhaps from an earlier two
screw reel than my friends. There appears to be some variation from year to year. My $ .02 for what it's worth. As teter said try the spool to be sure it fits.
Oh I almost forgot. He said that the teeth on my spool were more pointed than the those on his reel...


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