Procedures for Posting Full-size Images

Use this forum for Q&A of a technical nature, i.e., PC, cache, screen related problems, picture resizing, avatars and the like. We will also post facts here for you and instructions of a how-to nature which should make things more fun for you by eliminating some of the frustration with posting photos, etc. Thanks.

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Procedures for Posting Full-size Images


Post by WoollyMammoth »

As a newcomer I’ve really enjoyed this forum but have also spent a surprising amount of time trying to post full-size (text-width) images. Apparently the Forum went through a rough time recently following some changes at Photobucket and that situation may have contributed to my difficulties. For anyone else who may be wrestling with this, here are some procedures that work for me for posting library images from an iPhone at text width through Photobucket and Postimage. Hope this is helpful and please reply if you find mistakes or have comments.

  1. Open an account at
  2. Upload an image to your Photobucket library with “Upload,” “Choose Photos and Videos,” “Photo library,” tap to select, then “Done”
  3. Select the image in that library
  4. “Share”
  5. “Get Links”
  6. Highlight the IMG link
  7. Copy and paste it into the post
  1. Open an account at
  2. Upload an image to your Postimage library using the hamburger button, “Upload,” accept default settings, “Choose Image,” “Photo library,” tap image and then “Done”
  3. Select the image in that library
  4. ”< Share”
  5. Press the “copy” symbol to the right of the “Hotlink for Forums” to copy that link to your clipboard
  6. Paste the link into your post

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Re: Procedures for Posting Full-size Images


Post by rchkdr »

One thing that should be added. When you paste the link into your post only the URL appears. However when you submit the post the photo will appear
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Re: Procedures for Posting Full-size Images


Post by flyty2 »

I don't have an account at Postimage, and I can still use their service to post big images rather than small images. On this forum, below every text box where you type something in for a post or a PM, there is a blue link that says: "Add image to post". When I click on that link, I am prompted to choose an image on my computer. Choosing different sizes for the selected image doesn't seem to have any effect. Then the forum software adds a link to the image that you selected and places the link at the bottom of the post or PM, which looks like this:

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If you copy the url for the image, which is this part:

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and paste that into your address bar in a different browser window, then Postimage will display the image, and there will be a button on top of the image, along with other buttons, that says "Share". If you click on the Share button you will be presented with a drop down list, and if you copy the url next to "Hot link for forums", then you can paste that into your post at the point where you want the BIG image to appear. Then delete the original link, i.e. this thing:

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Re: Procedures for Posting Full-size Images


Post by JoeBolt »

After one click, Users can also select Open Image on the backside, which provides zoomable and v. good resolution without downloading the high-res image specifically, or depending on the camera used. It's a great feature and doesn't seem to clog memory, ymmv. With an average to good phone picture, it doesn't seem that special upload steps need to be taken. I defer, but the photos on this forum are exceptional.

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