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Hello fellow cane fly rod users from a Yorkshire lad in England who loves split-cane rods and fishing for Trout Greyling Sea Trout and the occasional Salmon.
Our rivers here in Yorkshire are mainly limestone rivers, on the upper reaches shallow runs mixed with slower pools, on the faster well oxygenated water is where you will find the most Greyling which I enjoy catching more than Trout really.
We have five major rivers in North York's the Wharfe,Swale,Ure,Nidd,and they all run into the Ouse, which is for the most part mainly a coarse fishery, the rods I have used in the past where a Bob Summers 8' x 5 line two Eric Piece 6'6'' x 3 line a 7'6''x 4 same maker a couple of Hardy an LRH 8'9''x 6 and a CC De-France 8'x5 and I have just bought a Jim Schaaf 7'x5 line a little powerhouse of a rod for the larger streams we have up here.
I look forward to some interesting conversations with you gentlemen from the U.S.
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Welcome, Yorshire lad!

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Welcome from Michigan's U.P.

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Welcome to the forum Yorshire lad !

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Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy. Cheers. Earl
....with the hope a fish will rise.

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Welcome from The Netherlands

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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the forum.

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