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Vintage Fly Tackle


Post by TrueAction1989 »

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this in an attempt to give people some answers and steer them in the right direction.

I apologize if I have been difficult to get in touch with. I made the decision when I left Vintage Fly Tackle to protect my family by distancing myself but at this point, I feel I have to say something. I was under the impression that the closure of the business was going to be handled by the owner. I was also instructed not to speak about things concerning Vintage Fly Tackle.

I along with my wife (Madi), left Vintage Fly Tackle last September due to differing opinions with the owner as well as us starting a family and deciding to move home to Oklahoma from Colorado. When we left we were under the impression that the business was going to be shut down and/or sold.

Since then the website has not been maintained to my limited understanding. I assume this is due to the fact that nothing has been changed and/or updated (my phone number is still wrongfully on the website among various other things including that the owner has not posted their contact info despite my recommendations.) I have not had access to the administration of the website since I left.

At this point though I feel I should say something to shed some light and help steer people in the right direction. I have no information about what is happening with Vintage Fly Tackle anymore. I don’t know why the site is still up and running. I don’t know why there is no contact information. I have asked the owner to please put up their information a few times and they have failed to do so. I do not have any information concerning consignors or their items. I do know I have received calls from persons who ordered items from Vintage Fly Tackle and never received said items. I feel terrible about the situation many people are in; consignors and customers alike.

Classic tackle and fly-fishing in general is my passion and I hate the idea of others who feel the same being disappointed and not receiving their items. I do not want my name to be tarnished due to the lack of cooperation/reputation from the current Vintage Fly Tackle operation. Gary Siemer was not only my mentor but also my best friend. I hate that VFT is not what it once was.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any other questions.
Again, I truly feel terrible about the situation.

Matt Marlar

Edit: I apologize if I did not post this in the right subject or thread - I wanted to make it readily viewable by as many as possible.

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Re: Vintage Fly Tackle


Post by chuck »

Wow... Thanks-

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Re: Vintage Fly Tackle


Post by GBU31v1 »

Thank you for getting this info out. The whole thing is obviously a huge bummer.

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Re: Vintage Fly Tackle


Post by ibookje »

Thanks for the info
Vintage Fly Tackle was the best of its kind

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Re: Vintage Fly Tackle


Post by DireWolf53 »


First off I'd like to thank you for bringing some light to what is going on with VFT. Whatever it's future I am glad the sight is still up and searchable as it provides our community with an archive of tackle not to be found anywhere else.
That being said I often wonder why more online dealers don't follow the lead set by Jim Adams, Jim Bresko and the late Gary Siemer in providing the numbers (weight, line size, grip size, ferrule size, tip size)and detailed descriptions of their rods beyond the basics. When buying online these parameters help to paint a more complete picture of a rod being offered.
Didn't mean to hijack the thread but I've always wondered about this.

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Re: Vintage Fly Tackle


Post by PYochim »

TrueAction1989 wrote:
06/18/20 00:16
I was also instructed not to speak about things concerning Vintage Fly Tackle.
I guess you blew that one.

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Re: Vintage Fly Tackle


Post by GBU31v1 »

I’m guessing the fact that his name and number are still up on the website and associating him with VFT make him feel he should say something?

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