Hardy Palakona 6'8" #5 question

This is the board to ask about the identity, or for an appraisal, of a rod. Please use the outline as explained on the board. If there is a makers name, list that in the subject line. Make sure you include the length, number of sections, any identifying markings and the general condition. Adding photographs is always helpful!

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Hardy Palakona 6'8" #5 question


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Covid has me organizing my fly tying room where I also store all my fishing gear. You can trace my life by the reels and rods I have stored. The reels started with medalists to automatics to abels to CFOs to charltons etc.
I will be slowly thinning the herd. I'm trying to assess a fair value to these items and any help and suggestions are appreciated.

I have a 1975 6'8" Palakona that is like new. Limited use on brookies in small streams of the Smokey Mtns.
It has the red green wraps, Hardy original sock, ferrule plug and is totally straight.

Thanks for any input on value, and where and how to sell.



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