South Bend 5257 bamboo rod

This is the board to ask about the identity, or for an appraisal, of a rod. Please use the outline as explained on the board. If there is a makers name, list that in the subject line. Make sure you include the length, number of sections, any identifying markings and the general condition. Adding photographs is always helpful!

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South Bend 5257 bamboo rod


Post by Smchang55 »

Rod says made by south bend but I can’t find it in the catalogue on line in the forum. I have 3/1 nine footer. Help please.

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Re: South Bend 5257 bamboo rod


Post by crowebeetle »

It may be a kit rod. blank and parts ordered from SB and you put it together and varnish at home

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Re: South Bend 5257 bamboo rod


Post by Webfly »

Got photos???

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Re: South Bend 5257 bamboo rod


Post by jeffkn1 »

South Bend rods with 4-digit model numbers are not in the South Bend catalogs or any other reference, AFAIK. At least a couple times a year we are asked what those numbers indicate. That series could be a special makeup or promotion of some kind. Your guess is as good as ours.

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