Rod Info- Sport King M/37?

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Rod Info- Sport King M/37?


Post by njgarrett98 »

I recently restored a Sport King model M/37 I bought on ebay. It's an 8.5' rod either 5 or 6 wt. It had a 6" cigar shaped cork grip and a Bakelite type of reel seat.

I know this was the brand made for Montgomery Ward catalogs and this one looks like it was produced by Horrocks and Ibbotson (the ferrules look identical to many HI rods). I could not find any information on the original specs of this model. The rod had been refinished once before many years before I got it and so I'm not even 100% on what the original colors would be.

I would really appreciate any additional details y'all could provide!

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Re: Rod Info- Sport King M/37?


Post by EastslopesTH »

Yes the rod was most likely made by Horrocks-Ibbottson for Ward's. The M37 is reasonably common so I suspect many were made. I don't have much info on about the model as I mainly owned and worked on the Ward's M/71 7' 2pc model which was also made by HI and was more or less equivalent to their Tonka Prince model. If you search for the M/37 you will find pics of originals wraps. I often see them on the site you purchased it on.

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Re: Rod Info- Sport King M/37?


Post by wrong66 »

It was produced after WWII, but the Montgomery Ward catalogs have no wrap colors in their listings.

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Re: Rod Info- Sport King M/37?


Post by barebo »

I recall being told that MW rods were made by Sewell Dunton and some of them are great rods.

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