Bent face plate

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Bent face plate


Post by Palakona123 »

When playing around with my 3 3/8 perfect a while ago I noticed that the faceplate is slightly bent, and toutches down on one of the pawls.
I am thinking of bending it out by placing it between to blocks of wood, with the necessary holes drilled out, and press it with a screw clamp. Is that a good idea that would work, or should I just send it to somone that knows this better than me?

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Re: Bent face plate


Post by Godfroy »

This usually happens when the reel is dropped or bumped on the end of the handle. In straightening it you want to reverse this force. I have done this successfully on a reel (also a 3 3/8 Perfect) that arrived like this from eBay.

In my experience you have to push it a little beyond flat in the opposite direction to the bend for it to set in the correct plane.

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Re: Bent face plate


Post by Brian K. Shaffer »

The method or technique described above is slow and steady going.
Much smarter than ways I have tried and failed.

Great advice.
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Re: Bent face plate


Post by Recidivist13 »

If it doesn’t work Bill Archuleta can fix it, he did amazing work fixing a badly bent perfect

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