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P M notification


Post by greyreefer5 »

Just discovered 2 PM's from board members responding to my classified ad 9 days ago. Never received email notification of same. Could you please look into this? Skitees@msn.com

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Re: P M notification


Post by Titelines »

Check your spam or junk mail box. I just tested the email system for the forum and it's working fine. You may need to whitelist the forum's email address, which usually is sent via this email address: admin@classicflyrodforum.com


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Re: P M notification


Post by flyfishermann1955 »

I haven't received an e-mail for any PMs the past 3 days (4, 5, and 6 Dec). Has anyone else noticed this?

Nothing in my "junk mail folder" either.

Thanks- Ken

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Re: P M notification


Post by GerardH »

I just received a PM from a member that he said he tried to message me 3 times before I received his latest attempt. The message I received did fire off an email notification to me, so that part worked.

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Re: P M notification


Post by roycestearns »

Did anyone figure out how to reestablish the pm notification?

I've tried resetting the configs and haven't received a notification for the last two dozen pm s.

Maybe the better question is: is anyone getting an email notification when they receive a new pm?

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