85 and still fishing

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Re: 85 and still fishing


Post by sanderson »

I/we lost our mother a couple weeks ago at the age of 90. The blessing was she had physical and mental health well through her mid 80's. To travel, fish, golf, cook etc. etc. is all we should hope for in our golden years. Too many don't get that chance. Warming to read your post, thanks!

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Re: 85 and still fishing


Post by munsey w »

Absolutely awesome! there is nothing better than fishing with a parent. I sure do aspire to be like your dad and still be active at that age!

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Re: 85 and still fishing


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Thanks for posting. It is a little tough for me. My dad has been gone 57 years. It never gets easier.

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Re: 85 and still fishing


Post by billems »

I've got a new hero!

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Re: 85 and still fishing


Post by Gunpowder »

That's awesome and I enjoyed reading your post like all the others. My dad will be 82 in a couple of months. I got to go up and do some fishing for a week last spring with him and it was a trip that was a long time coming after COVID. Was planning on doing the same this spring, but some things came up, so hoping for this fall. He gets out as much as he can still and wades a familiar stream. When I go with him, I get schooled every time and enjoy my time and still learning from him at the age of almost 57.

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Re: 85 and still fishing


Post by teter »

What an inspiring post. Thank you for sharing, and thank you both for serving.

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Re: 85 and still fishing


Post by stufit1 »

Thanks for your story and for both of your service. This is very inspiring, and I am glad you had a great trip. Hold on to those memories!

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Re: 85 and still fishing



I was the friend who was privileged to have fished with Matt and his dad on this trip and I can assure you that it was a joy for me as well. Matt's dad is still a very vibrant gentleman, extremely bright and pleasant to be around. The fishing also happened to be pretty good and the landscapes were gorgeous.

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