Ralph Shuey

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Ralph Shuey


Post by chestatee »

Ralph suffered an aneurysm in the left lobe of his brain Monday evening. He’s in the hospital with some ambulatory and speech issues but is improving daily. Physical therapy is going well. He did stand up today and is working on talking. We don’t have a release date but remain optimistic and will update often. Please keep Ralph, Basye and the Shuey family in your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you,


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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by flyrod »

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ralph. Get well soon and see you at the '24 Bash!

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by fefferje »

Thanks for posting Doug. Sorry to hear about Ralph. Ralph and Basye Joan and I will keep you in our prayers. From Joan and Jed Feffer

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by jvh »

Get well soon Ralph.

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by quashnet »

Looking forward to good news about continued progess toward a full recovery. The trout will be waiting!

Ralph goes forth to fish, with a nice PHY rod at the ready (Pennsylvania, 2017)

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by Holland »

Same here Ralph, get better soon!


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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by Brian K. Shaffer »

We're all here pulling for a speedy recovery buddy... see you on the river soon.
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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by NewUtahCaneAngler »

Ralph/czkid, get well soon!


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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by Greg Reynolds »

You're in my prayers Ralph...

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by teter »

Best wishes, Ralph. We're all pulling for you.

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by ibookje »

Get well soon

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by PYochim »

Get well.
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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by tunafart »

If good wishes were fishes, Ralph, you would have a full creel.
We’re saving you your spot on the BASH Casting Lane . . .


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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by Titelines »

Echoing the sentiments of all who've posted, prayers and hopes are with you Ralph, old buddy. Retiring again soon and hope to see both you and Basye at the Nunley's during the SRG.


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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by jhuskey »

Again, get better soon and full recovery Sir!

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by 406tom »

Get better soon - Alexis is looking forward to seeing you at the Bash!


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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by bassman »

Like above, I'm only wishing you the best and hope to fill a boat with you again someday.

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by Bamboocollector#1 »

Get well soon! Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by Rolf Jacobsen »

Damn it! Get well Ralph!
Brook Trout are God's way of saying everything is going to be all right.

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Re: Ralph Shuey


Post by kentuckyjim »

Susan and I are hoping for your complete and speedy recovery. We are praying that Bayse and you have the strength to overcome this challenge.

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