Jack B. Schneider fly rods

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Jack B. Schneider fly rods


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I have been doing extensive research on Jack B. Schneider, his life and work, with the objective of writing a book about him. I have started writing and went back through my research notes which included several posts from April and May of 2011 by "Roger B" and others. I would appreciate the opportunity to learn more anecdotes from these Forum members about their time spent with Jack Schneider. Could they please find a way to contact me, or to speak with them? Otherwise, failing to hear back, I suppose I can simply quote their posts verbatim? Thanks, Richard Landerman, Salt Lake City

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Re: Jack B. Schneider fly rods


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Jim Adams would a great guy to discuss Jack Schneider with. Adams Angling.

I have a couple of his Rods and they are great casters. Still looking for an 8 footer.

I still think he has the best signature of any Rod maker, past or present.

Good luck on book.

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Re: Jack B. Schneider fly rods


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I have a couple of his rods and have owned a few others. His rods are pretty no frills rods with some being better than others. I sold off most but kept an 8’ and 8’6” one. The later was finished by someone other than Jack who bought a bunch of his signed blanks and finished them out with not the best guides. The 8’ rod is a particularly nice caster. Happy to chat offline if needed but there are others on this forum who know how rods far bette than me.

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