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another new member


Post by Booner »

Good day to all.

After lurking on this site for two years I thought it would only be right that I finally join, if for no other reason than to give my thanks to you all for allowing me to listen in on your conversations and to let you all know how much I've learned from your conversations. The amount of knowledge here is truly amazing.

I've been flyfishing for 40 years, mostly while living in Colorado. But I've been retired now for 6 years and moved back home to Central Missouri. Taking care of family members and fixing up an old house has occupied most of my time, but in the past two years I've had more time to do the things that I retired for. A little over a year ago I began acquiring some of the less expensive trade rods and began repairing and doing mild "retrofitting" on them and giving most of them to my nephews and their children. My hopes are that one of them will develop a love for the sport and I'll have someone who can have all of my "stuff" when I'm gone or too old to use it.

Again, my thanks to you all for what you have already given me. I don't know what I bring to the forum other than questions and enthusiasm.

My best regards,

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Re: another new member


Post by bugslinger »

Welcome aboard Dan from Steve in Seattle! I redo blue collar bamboo rods too….

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Re: another new member


Post by Holland »

Welcome to the forum as a member Dan! I keep planning to do the 9 Blue Ribbon Trout Streams Slam but can't seem to get started. My wife is from the area near Richland.


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Re: another new member


Post by headwaters »

Welcome, Booner! It sounds like you have a great and enjoyable plan!

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Re: another new member


Post by SpringCreek »

Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing your posts. I too lived in Colorado at one point and now am in the St Louis area. Loved fishing in Colorado back in the 90's and keep telling myself that I should take a trip back for a bit of fishing. However, I'm afraid Colorado of today may not match my memories. I guess I'll just be glad with the memories for now.
Then as it was, then again it will be. Though the course may change sometimes, rivers always reach the sea. - Led Zeppelin, 10 Years Gone

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Re: another new member


Post by BSAGuy »

Welcome here, Dan. Sounds like you are livin' the dream.
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Re: another new member


Post by Booner »

Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I think reconditioning (or whatever words you want to use) blue collar rods are a great way to learn how to fix and recondition a rod.

I'm going to try and accomplish the trout slam this year. I think you have to catch a trout out of 5 of the 9 streams, but why not try for all the 9 streams. I'll be down around Richland either later this week or early next. I'm heading to Bennent Springs during the week so as to beat the crowds.

I'm not sure I have a plan, but whatever I'm doing seems to occupy all of my time.

We're practically neighbors. Perhaps we can meet up sometime at one of the trout parks. Unfortunately, your Colorado of the 90's is no more. I moved there in the late 90's and left in 2016, so I got to see it all go from a place that I loved to a place I have no interest in ever going back to. There're just too many people there and they are loving that place to death. I was out there last June to attend a party and thought I'd go fish at Deckers for a day. It was on a Saturday and as I drove along the road down river from Deckers, I wasn't sure I could find a spot to fish in, it was that crowded. I never saw it like that while I lived in Colorado.
I'm happy I live in Missouri; it hasn't been "discovered" yet.

Whenever I think of BSA, I think of motorcycles.
I don't know if I'm living a dream, but I do count my blessing every day. And I really, really enjoy being retired.

Again, thanks for the nice welcome

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